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NIL NTK Quick Hit #5 - Getting to Know Your State's NIL Policy - A Must for ALL School Admins!!

Each year the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association in conjunction with the NFHS put on a National Athletic Director's Conference. This year I was asked to be the presenter for the yearly Hot Button Topic Session which is focused on Name, Image, & Likeness at the High School level.

It's probably no surprise to anyone that as NIL continues to pick up steam in interscholastic sports, there continues to be a lot of questions, confusion, and uncertainty by school administrators on what it really is, what it means for their schools, and ultimately the impact it will have on their role. Just this week we saw the 23rd state overall approve Name, Image, and Likeness monetization opportunities at the HS level.

As always - my goal is to help. To be there for AD's and school admins as a resource to learn and hopefully feel equipped to have further conversations considering what their individual school approach might be.

Which brings me to my most recent Quick Hit NIL NTK Podcast episode I recorded last week that focuses on the importance of AD's and all School Administrators for that matter understanding their State's NIL / Amateurism policies / regulations (or lack there of). Clarification is often needed to consider those next steps...

In this episode I dig deeper into a few reasons why, some important considerations, and a few next steps moving forward!

Always here to help in any way, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

- Doc G | |


Dr. Scott Grant, or “Doc G” as his students call him, is former high school teacher, coach, and athletic director turned college professor in educational leadership / social media / branding, and founded Triple Threat Leadership, LLC. ( & NIL-Education (

Need resources for Personal Branding & Social Media Education? Check out Dr. Grant's "Branding of ME" course, utilized by over 10,000 students, and integrated into hundreds of school curriculums across the country.

Need help navigating Name, Image, and Likeness and preparing your program? Dr. Grant offers services to assist, and will develop specific tools / resources that fit your districts need.

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